Grill for Less

We are now in the thick of grilling season!  Who doesn’t love their food hot from the grill?  The smell of grilling conjures up some really great memories of summers past.  Whether it be hot dogs (grilled is the only way I’ll eat a hot dog), chicken, beef, or anything in between, grilling is  the quintessential summer activity.  The kitchen, and therefore, the house doesn’t heat up from the oven or stove.  There is usually not a big mess of dishes that go along with grilling.  And for some reason, clean-up overall just seems to go quicker.  I don’t know, I could also be a little crazy!

If you’re like me, though, you don’t want to spend a fortune on one meal.  But you still want to enjoy the same quality of pricier meats.  Well, have I got some substitutions of beef for you!

If you can’t live without melt in your mouth filet mignon, but your wallet reminds you that you just might have to, you are going to want to try Flatiron Steak.  This steak is a boneless cut from the shoulder and is almost as silky-textured as the other cuts, and tastes just as rich.  The difference is it’s more forgiving because it has lots of marbling.  Even when grilled well-done, the flatiron tastes tender.  And the bonus?  This cut will save you a whopping 55% over filet mignon!  Look, it’s not has if I’m suggesting buy a pair of knock-off heals or a reproduction handbag.  I do have my priorities, after all!  Besides you can put the savings towards those to-die for pumps or that must have handbag.  And don’t worry, your secret will be safe with me

If a nice, thick rib-eye is your thing, check out chuck-eye instead.  Both of these cuts are from the same muscles, so they have an equally hearty flavor.  Chuck eye, however, costs about 50% less because there is a bit more connective tissue that may need a quick trim.  I’m more than willing to perform a quick trim to save myself 50% .  I’m thinking with that savings, you just might be able to treat yourself to a mani/pedi (ok, after several of those savings, but who’s counting?)

Or how about the mac daddy of all summer barbecues, baby back ribs.  You could try the St. Louis-Style Ribs instead and save yourself 20%.  It all comes down to supply and demand folks.  See, those small, tender pork baby back ribs are very popular, so grocers jack up the prices.  Full spareribs (the lower part of the ribs that has the brisket attached) are cheaper but trickier to cook.  St. Louis ribs, however, come minus the brisket, so they cook more evenly.  To me, 20% equals a Starbucks run!  And we all know how important it is to stay caffeinated!

So, get out their and grill, people, and save yourself some money at the same time!


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