Pork Chops with Golden Apple Sauce

Still struggling with pork. Sigh. But I’m going to keep trying to work with it and I will start to get the hang of it. What I like about this recipe: it’s homemade apple sauce, that means you really taste the apples, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg; apples and pork just really pair well together, that savory / sweet combination is a true classic; I also liked that my son said, “oh wow, Mommy, you really did good on this one!” Ok, now what I didn’t like about this one: I can never get Rachel Ray recipes ready in 30 minutes. Going into it knowing that though, makes all the difference.

Pork 1


4 Golden Delicious apples, chopped
2 Tsp lemon juice
2 oz golden raisins (about a handful)
1″ piece fresh ginger root (I always substitute Gourmet Garden Ginger Spice Blend)
3 Tbs light brown sugar
2 cups all natural apple juice or cider
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
2 Tbs olive oil
4 thin cut boneless pork loin chops (I discovered at the last-minute mine had bones, but they worked just fine)
Salt and pepper


Combine first 8 ingredients (up to the olive oil) in a medium pot over medium high heat and cook until a chunky sauce forms, 10 to 12 minutes, stirring occasionally,  If sauce begins to splatter as it bubbles, reduce heat a little, but it needs to be allowed to reduce and form quickly.  Once apples are soft and sauce forms, remove it from the heat.

Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium high heat.  Add oil to pan.  Season chops on 1 side with salt and pepper.  Add chops to hot skillet, seasoned side down.  Season the opposite side of the chops with salt and pepper.  Brown and caramelize chops about 2 minutes on each side, then reduce heat to medium and cook another 5-6 minutes, turning occasionally, until juices run clear.  remove chops from heat and let rest a couple of minutes for juice to redistribute.  Top chops with generous portions of warm golden apple sauce.

Serves 6

Prep time: 10 minutes; Cook time 15 minutes

Pork 2

*Derived from Food Network (Rachel Ray)

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3 Comments on “Pork Chops with Golden Apple Sauce”

  1. kandee2013 says:

    Pork loin chops are almost always challenging. They are so lean and, because they lack the necessary marbling, connective tissue and internal fat, they can tend to be dry. My favourite loin chop comes from the Rib section. They’re essentially “Prime Rib” of Pork, and as such are fattier and MORE flavourful. Try these ones next time (*hint* … it helps to cut the fat cap in a couple of places BEFORE grilling or frying … this will keep them from curling (cupping) as they brown) Don’t give up … Pork is one of my favorites … you’ll get it !! 🙂

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