Seafood Watch Part 2

Seafood Watch 2

 We were having some friends over on Saturday evening and I needed to pick up some salmon and a few other things (it is SO true what they say, never go to the store hungry. Cha Ching later . . .). The Whole Foods in Lafayette was the best decision because I could go right after dropping the kids at Spanish and hopefully avoid the crowds. On a really quick side note, did anyone know that Whole Foods sells, gasp, clothes?? And if so, why has no one told me?? I also got some cute activities for the kids that evening, but I digress. So, here I am, approaching the seafood counter and already feeling a bit intimidated, but standing firm in my decision to make good seafood choice. But, wait, what? What is that that I see (I’m almost feeling nostalgic for Santa Claus because my Wondering Eyes might be deceiving me)?? The list that I have been carrying in my purse (and is starting to disintegrate) is now before me at the Whole Foods seafood counter, in not one but TWO locations! And each seafood option (on the behind the glass label) actually denotes if it is a “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative”. THIS is why Whole Foods has now become my new fishmonger. And how could it not?? I knew the choice I was making right then and there. No worries. No question. The best seafood for the environment AND my family!

Seafood Watch 1

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